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"SKAPA" is the first Belarusian single malt whisky, named after a large predatory bird that lives in the lake "Naroch" region.

The drink is made of barley malt basis and aged in oak barrels from sherry for at least 9 months.

"SKAPA" has a mild and pleasant flavour, typical for single malt whisky. 

Manufactured at LLC ”Vinokurnya Naroch”.

Volume 0.5 l
Alcohol 43%


Old Legends

Blended whiskey, which is produced in Belarus using classic Scottish technologies.

Highland Drum

A whisky with a rich taste and nut-honey aroma with vanilla tones.

Barrels of Lakeland

A bright whisky with almond-honey aroma and subtle tones of sherry wines and wildflowers.

Black Jack

Whiskey is made of a blend of 3 distillates, aged for at least 9 months.


The first Belarusian single malt whisky.