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NARACH single malt


NARACH single malt

Unique Belarusian single malt whiskey, pleasantly sparkling
golden color. Produced exclusively from Belarusian malt.
Distillation of which is carried out in two stages. This approach 
makes the distillate lighter, with a great taste. It is then poured into
Spanish and Moldovan fifty-dollar oak sherry barrels in which it
maintained at a certain temperature and humidity for at least three
A distinctive aromatic whiskey rich in sweet notes of malt and
tones of cream makes its taste dense, warming, soft, with light
notes of caramel, green tea, dried fruits and spices.

Volume 0.7L
Alcohol 43%
Category виски


NARACH single malt

Single malt whiskey. A unique product on the Belarusian market. A new creation from the Naroch Distillery.

NARACH blended

Belarusian whiskey from mixed grain. The second in the line of three-year-old whiskeys with a harmonious multifaceted aftertaste

Old Legends

Blended whiskey, which is produced in Belarus using classic Scottish technologies.

Highland Drum

A whisky with a rich taste and nut-honey aroma with vanilla tones.

Barrels of Lakeland

A bright whisky with almond-honey aroma and subtle tones of sherry wines and wildflowers.

Black Jack

Whiskey is made of a blend of 3 distillates, aged for at least 9 months.


The first Belarusian single malt whisky.