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Highland Drum


Highland Drum

Whisky  "Highland Drum" has a rich distinctive taste due to maturing in oak sherry barrels for no less than 9 months. The distillation equipment made by a traditional Scottish technology lets us produce exceptional aromatic and unique in its taste whisky distillates.

The whisky has a compound nut-honey aroma with subtle vanilla tones and long warming finish. 

Manufactured at LLC “Vinokurnya Naroch”.

Volume 0,7/0,5 L/ 0,35 L/ 0,2 L
Alcohol 40%


Highland Drum

A whisky with a rich taste and nut-honey aroma with vanilla tones.

Barrels of Lakeland

A bright whisky with almond-honey aroma and subtle tones of sherry wines and wildflowers.

Black Jack

Whiskey is made of a blend of 3 distillates, aged for at least 9 months.


The first Belarusian single malt whisky.