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About us

LTD “Vinokurnya Naroch” is a modern developing enterprise with a rich historical heritage. The company’s specialization is the production of spirits, drinking.

The enterprise produces:


The starting point of the history of distillery is 1845, when the Prince Sventarzhitsky of a famous noble family of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth put up the building of the distillery – ancestor of LLC “Vinokurnya Naroch”.


1895 was marked with significant changes in distillation business of the Russian Empire: a prohibition against the release of the so-called “polugar” (rye wine) was enacted. All traditional distilleries with their copper distillation stills were destroyed. Since then alcohol was produced in distillation columns using the modem technology.


In 1905 the lord of manor Pikutsky put up a new distillery building of quarry stone and brick, with a steam engine. It operated until 1913. The interesting point is that this building still exists.

20-ies of the 20th century

In the 20-ies of the 20th century the World War I led the Pikutsky’s distillery into decline. The building became empty, production stopped.


The first data available on revival of alcohol-distillation in Myadel region pertain to 1942. During German occupation, 1000 buckets of alcohol were produced. In just three years after these events production volume of the distillery increased to 30,000 liters of raw alcohol per year.


In 1947 the alcohol plant began it’s work in the distillery building, and a year later the workshop for production of soft drinks was put into operation.

The end of the 20th century

At the end of the 20th century a mineral water spring was discovered on the territory of the plant. The enterprise was repurposed for production of soft drinks and fruit wine, and received the name CPUE “Naroch Beverages Plant”.


In February 14, 2013, the enterprise with a government stake LTD “Vinokurnya Naroch” was created on the basis of the already inactive business entity CPUE “Naroch Beverages Plant”.

Out of traditions of predecessors, the enterprise creates its own drinks from unique local recipes, and its innovative approach reflects in original formulas. It is the uniqueness of the Naroch distillery: it follows the track of qualitative growth, embracing its inventions, experience, knowledge and traditions accumulated over 100 years, combining classical methods of production with new technologies and creating high-quality beverages.

Nowadays LTD “Vinokurnya Naroch” is a team of creative, courageous and honest people, who are willing to work every day to turn traditional Belarusian recipes in combination with only natural ingredients into products of the highest quality.