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”Grunekräuter" is a strong liqueur, which includes 38 different herbs, plants and fruits.

The bouquet of liqueur is extremely complex. It combines a mild, spicy and soul-warming taste with pronounced notes of citrus, anise, cinnamon and a bitter herbal aroma.

Like most other strong alcoholic beverages, the liqueur “Grunekräuter” is drunk exclusively in its pure form.

The main method of use:
In the form of an ice shot (ice-shot). With the help of a low temperature, the liquor becomes more viscous and thick, thereby revealing all the taste qualities of the drink. They cannot be felt when it is drunk at room temperature.

Volume 0.5 l
Alcohol 35 %
Category Liqueur



A strong liqueur based on 38 different herbs, plants and fruits. It combines soft, spicy and warming flavors at the same time.


A traditional drink that fully describes the Belarusian character and flavor.

Limoncello Limontone

Airy, mischievous and elusive – it is “Limoncello Limontone”.