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Limocello Limontone


Limocello Limontone

Dessert liqueur “Limocello Limontone” from the first slug charms with a bright splash of sweet-sour shades in flavor. Bright and sunny lemon dominates in the composition of the drink and represents the unconcern and serenity of Italy.

Airy, mischievous and elusive – it is “Limocello Limontone”.

Volume 0.5 l
Alcohol 22%



A traditional drink that fully describes the Belarusian character and flavor.

Limocello Limontone

Airy, mischievous and elusive – it is “Limocello Limontone”.

Estetto Amaretto

The noble liqueur with exquisite aroma of almond seeds with tone of sensual vanilla.

Laberria Blueberry

Liqueur has a complex aroma and flavor with delicate blueberry notes.

Laberria Cherry

Liqueur has a berry aroma with a slightly distinguished tone of cherry stone.

Laberria Cranberry

Natural products used in production of liqueur “Laberria Cranberry” create a unique range of flavors.

Laberria Plum

The liquor has fresh, soft flavor and pleasant plum aroma.