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Grand Duchy 5 YO


Grand Duchy 5 YO

Created with inspiration from the incredible magnificence and power of the medieval state, the five- year-old cognac “Grand Duchy” is saturated with the magic of time. It has a golden amber color and bright bouquet with prevailing notes of grapes, nuts and spices. Flavor of the drink is full, pleasantly warming with long finish, typical to the matured cognac.

Manufactured at LLC ”Vinokurnya Naroch”.

Volume 0.5 l
Alcohol 40%



Armenian cognac matured for 5 years with a smooth slightly sweet taste.


Fifteen-year-old cognac that was specially made for 100-year anniversary of Tiraspol distillery KVINT


Five-year-old cognac with a complex, mature flavor.

Old Caucasus. 7 years

Seven-year-old cognac is a drink originally hail from the sunny Georgia.

Old Caucasus. 5 years

Georgian cognac, saturated with sun of the mountain region.

Old Kakheti

Five-year-old Georgian cognac with rich aroma.


Five-year-old Georgian cognac made of the best Georgian kind of grape — Rkatsiteli.

Grand Duchy 5 YO

Five-year-old cognac is saturated with the magic of time.

Grand Duchy 3 YO

Молдавский коньяк трехлетней выдержки.

Black Stork

Five-year-old Moldovan cognac.

Five Stars

Simple and at the same time ample five-year-old cognac.