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Five Stars


Five Stars

Simple and at the same time ample five-year-old cognac “Five Stars” has a light amber color with a golden shade, harmonious complex flavor with flower and vanilla tones.

Raw material for cognac production is imported from a leader in alcohol production in Moldovan region - the winery KVINT keeps only best traditions of producing cognacs.

Manufactured at LLC “Vinokurnya Naroch”.

Volume 0.1 l / 0.2 l / 0.5 l
Alcohol 40%



Armenian cognac matured for 5 years with a smooth slightly sweet taste.


Fifteen-year-old cognac that was specially made for 100-year anniversary of Tiraspol distillery KVINT


Five-year-old cognac with a complex, mature flavor.

Old Caucasus. 7 years

Seven-year-old cognac is a drink originally hail from the sunny Georgia.

Old Caucasus. 5 years

Georgian cognac, saturated with sun of the mountain region.

Old Kakheti

Five-year-old Georgian cognac with rich aroma.


Five-year-old Georgian cognac made of the best Georgian kind of grape — Rkatsiteli.

Grand Duchy 5 YO

Five-year-old cognac is saturated with the magic of time.

Grand Duchy 3 YO

Молдавский коньяк трехлетней выдержки.

Black Stork

Five-year-old Moldovan cognac.

Five Stars

Simple and at the same time ample five-year-old cognac.