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The color of gin is crystal clear. The invigorating, slightly tart taste with dominant tones of juniper and specific bitterness together with the characteristic pine aroma make gin unlike any other alcohol.

The drink, as a rule, has a high strength, and its flavor - very cardinal, so gin is rarely used pure, it serves as an excellent basis for cocktails.

Volume 0.7/ 0.5L
Alcohol 44 %
Category Gin



An invigorating taste with tones of juniper and a distinctive pine aroma make gin unlike any other alcohol.

Bloomberry Extra Dry Gin

Composition of “Bloomberry Extra Dry Gin’’ is the quintessence of the English style and good flavor.

Bloomberry Pink Gin

Gin «Bloomberry Pink Gin» is a modern product that is ready to challenge classic drinks. 

Bloomberry. Lavender

A novelty in the line of gins "Bloomberry"! A luxurious taste with floral and berry notes and a pleasant juniper-lavender aroma.

Bloomberry. Grapefruit

"Bloomberry" gin is a novelty that will appeal to lovers of delicate citrus flavors.