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Estetto Amaretto


Estetto Amaretto

The noble composition of “Estetto Amaretto” sounds long and beautifully thanks to the exquisite aroma of almond seeds with tones of sensual vanilla. Slightly bitter almond flavor gives way to the sweetish, powdery aftertaste. Since liqueur is a dessert, it is usually served at the end of a meal together with coffee or tea.

Volume 0.5 l
Alcohol 20%



A traditional drink that fully describes the Belarusian character and flavor.

Limoncello Limontone

Airy, mischievous and elusive – it is “Limoncello Limontone”.

Estetto Amaretto

The noble liqueur with exquisite aroma of almond seeds with tone of sensual vanilla.

Laberria Raspberry

Liqueur has a complex aroma and flavor with delicate raspberry notes.

Laberria Cherry

Liqueur has a berry aroma with a slightly distinguished tone of cherry stone.

Laberria Cranberry

Natural products used in production of liqueur “Laberria Cranberry” create a unique range of flavors.

Laberria Plum

The liquor has fresh, soft flavor and pleasant plum aroma.